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Service Training

B.R.A.V.E. companies realize customer service operations are profit centers, and maintaining top performance is critical to the bottom line. They also know that when they take good care of their employees, their employees are more likely to take good care of their customers.

Explore my training programs below, or watch this video where I tell how Apple stole me away from IBM and made me a loyal customer.

Creating a Customer-Focused Culture

No doubt about it, customers are getting more demanding and unhappy customers can easily rant on line and spread their dissatisfaction like wildfire. At the same time, many companies have reduced their service teams or cut back on customer service training and development. The results are not pretty. I work with

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the leadership teams of companies who want to assess where they are doing well and where they are struggling. I guide the development of action steps to align their organizations with the values that drive customer satisfaction, customer retention and employee satisfaction.

Staff Training Modules

The Four Drivers to Customer Satisfaction

Customer service excellence takes a management commitment, a culture of care, and staff that are trained to under promise and over deliver. When everyone in a company knows the four critical factors to customer satisfaction and is trained to do simple things CONSISTENTLY, a culture of service excellence begins to take root! This training will help you get everyone on the same page.

The Magic of Empathy and Validation – Handling Difficult Customers

Left to their own ‘natural human responses,’ customer service team members can easily become numb or even defensive to difficult or unhappy customers. This makes a bad situation worse. This training gives your team members an enhanced

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understanding of how their ‘natural’ yet ‘defensive’ responses makes their jobs even more difficult. They are guided in behavioral changes and sound bites that can turn an irate customer back into one they can work with. Once they have practiced these techniques and responses, they will be turning your most difficult customers into loyal fans.