Need a Chief Inspiration Officer at your next retreat, meeting or event?

Presentation Ideas

Pick a presentation that is semi-customized or ask me to create a customized presentation to fit your unique needs!


B.R.A.V.E. Leaders

A blueprint for exemplary leadership – five things effective leaders need to  do well


B.R.A.V.E. Souls

Living a life of passion and purpose – creating a personal mission statement and executing your plan for success!


The Four Drivers to Customer Satisfaction

How superior service drives profits to “the triple bottom line”


Creating a Customer Focused Culture Where Everybody Sells and Everybody Wins

A blueprint for success that combines external customer satisfaction & internal employee satisfaction


Coaching for Performance Excellence

How effective coaching improves performance and drives employee satisfaction


Creating High Performance Teams

It is not as difficult as you think… you just have to do the right things well!


Creating Organizational Health

Stress, anxiety and tension are costly burdens. Recent breakthroughs in neuroscience and new highly effective mind/body tools can reap huge dividends.

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