Sherri Davison

Lifelong Learner and Seeker of Truth

My journey through life has been filled twists and turns, encompassing both love and heartbreak, triumphs and challenges. These experiences have shaped me into a life long learner and seeker of truth. I respond to life’s challenges with curiosity, seeing each experience as an opportunity for growth, healing and personal transformation.

Teacher, Trainer, Lifter

Every morning, I awaken with the prayer: “Let me be a blessing to all I meet.” My innate passion lies in supporting and uplifting others. Empathy and compassion have always been my guiding principles. As I’ve grown older, I’ve discovered a wealth of wisdom to share, born from years of loving and supporting others. With practice, I’ve learned to extend that same compassion and love towards myself.


Optimistic and Hopeful Adventurer

I love the thrill of adventure! Each new experience is an opportunity for growth and discovery, and I dive into them with enthusiasm and courage. Firmly believing that everything is a miracle, even if it doesn’t initially feel that way, I embrace each moment with hope and optimism.

Justice Warrior and Ally

For the past 40 years, racial justice, women’s equality, and LGBTQ activism have been central to who I am and how I serve others. I’ve dedicated myself to healing the deep wounds of exclusion and alienation within myself and our society. Through rigorous practices and personal growth work, I’ve confronted and healed my “personal trauma story.” I remain steadfast in my determination to serve my community with an open-heartedness that inspires others.

Healing Stress and Trauma

  • Having conquered my own PTSD with TRE®, I embarked on a four-year journey to become a Certified TRE® provider. Now, I lead individuals through a simple yet powerful process that liberates them from the debilitating effects of trauma, diminishes stress, and provides a clear pathway to health and wellbeing.

My Passion is to:

  • Challenge myself and others to be the best version of ourselves .
  • Support people to enhance their health and wellness.

  • Coach people to uncover their own truths and design a life in alignment with their personal values.   

  • Help others develop the skills that foster dynamic and intimate relationships.

  • Above all, have fun!


Sherri served as my business coach for eight years before relocating to Bend, Oregon. Since then, I’ve had the privilege of experiencing two brave soul adventures in this beautiful locale. Bend offers a serene backdrop for reflection and gaining new insights through Sherri’s guidance. From outdoor musical concerts in the summer to skiing in the winter, Sherri designed customized adventures for me that were both enjoyable and transformative. One particularly memorable Brave Soul retreat focused on enhancing communication skills and an introduction to TRE, a somatic stress & trauma release process, benefiting both myself and my daughter. Whether you’re seeking adventure, Brave Soul coaching or liberation from personal barriers, Sherri’s guidance ensures you’re in good hands.


Business Owner, Long Beach, California

“Sherri Davison has been a dynamic leader in the training and coaching arena for over 35 years. Her insight and compassion have helped others to learn, grow and self-actualize their goals and dreams. She is a skilled communicator and has worked successfully with diverse populations including, youth, people of color, employers, CEO’s and members of the LGBTQ community.  Sherri is a stellar trainer and highly effective coach who has a consistent track record of producing measurable results for her clients.”

Retired Educator, Portland, Oregon

“Sherri Davison’s coaching style is as unique as it is wildly successful because she addresses the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Sherri is a brave soul who works with other brave souls who wish to improve personally as well as professionally, who want to discover their inner path as well as a better business strategy.  Sherri continually changes the world one brave soul at a time. If you want to be more successful in every way, you definitely want to talk to Sherri.”

Family Business Speaker, Writer, and Coach at Family Business Educator oingerri Davison embodies trust for me. Through her compassion, empathy, and love, she created a safe space where I could express my thoughts, feelings, and emotions without fear of judgment. This environment enabled me to delve into myself at a level I didn’t think possible. My breakthroughs with Sherri have not only opened doors to improving my communication and connection with others but have also left me eternally grateful.”

Business Woman, Aliso Viejo, California

“TRE is a series of simple exercises that triggers your body to tremor and shake off tension which has help me let go of much of my childhood trauma.  It also have given on an on-going tool to shake off the ongoing stress life seems to dish out. I love that it is a physical process and not a mental exercise.  Sherri has a terrific way of connecting and making a person feel at ease. She addressed all of my concerns and questions. Her compassionate and patient-centered approach was supportive and affirming.  Sherri cares deeply about people and brings a warm and relaxed atmosphere to the TRE experience. She is clearly very knowledgeable and teaches TRE successfully. I feel supported and safe with Sherri’s gentle guidance and leave feeling grateful and grounded. “

Educator and Consultant, Portland, Oregon

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