Sherri Davison

Lifelong Learner and Seeker of Truth

My life has taken many twists and turns.  I have had my fair share of love and heartbreak, thrilling victories and disappointing failures. I continue to learn how to respond to life’s challenges, remain curious, and embrace all experiences as opportunities for learning.

Teacher, Trainer, Lifter

I arise each morning with the prayer: Let me be a blessing to all I meet.  I have always been pretty good at loving, supporting and lifting others up.  I am empathetic and compassionate.  The older I get, the more I feel I do have valuable wisdom to share. After a ton of practice loving others, I am beginning to have more compassion and love for myself. That’s a good thing.


Adventurer & Risk Taker

Some call me fearless but that’s not entirely true. I DO love the feeling of diving into a huge pool of possibilities. Even though I am always uncertain of the outcome, I dive with enthusiasm. I have experienced my fair share of belly flops. With each dive, I build more confidence and trust I will be able to handle whatever happens and accept the outcome.

Optimistic & Hopeful

I expect miracles! No matter what comes, I strive to embrace what is happening in the moment. I am a community builder and a healer who is dedicated to making the world a better place for us all–one person, one company, and one organization at a time.

Mother and Lover of Yoko (Give Peace a Chance Love Puppy) and Yoshi (Good Fortune!)

Yoshi is an inspirational story of overcoming early puppy trauma and transitioning from an extremely fearful dog with an eating disorder into a confident, loving and sweet dog.

Yoko reminds me a lot of myself. She’s fiercely independent and extremely loving.

Discovering the Power of TRE®

  • After healing my own PTSD with TRE®, I took a two-year sabbatical from my business coaching practice to become a Certified TRE® provider.  I guide people in a simple and yet powerful process that releases the debilitating effects of trauma, reduces  stress and restores health and wellbeing.
  • I enjoy working with companies who are committed to maximizing their employee health and wellness programs.  

My Passion is to:

  • Challenge myself and others to be the best version of ourselves that we can be.
  • Support people to enhance their health and wellness.

  • Coach people to uncover their own truths and set healthy boundaries.   

  • Help others develop the skills that create dynamic and intimate relationships.

  • Have fun!


“Sherri is an awesome business consultant and coach. She knows how to connect and communicate authentically. She has helped me see my leadership strengths in the short 6 months I have known her. She always knows exactly how to get me to see what I need to see.”

Sr. Talent Acquisition Leader/Guru at GFC Staffing

“Sherri Davison has been a dynamic leader in the training and coaching arena for over 30 years. Her insight and compassion have helped others to learn, grow and self-actualize their goals and dreams. She is a skilled communicator and has worked successfully with diverse populations including, youth, people of color, employers and CEO’s. Sherri constantly updates her skill base through workshops, trainings and conferences in order to stay abreast of new developments in her fields. She is a stellar trainer and highly effective coach who has a consistent track record of producing measurable results for her clients.”

Educator, Portland, Oregon

“Sherri Davison’s coaching style is as unique as it is wildly successful because she addresses the whole person—body, mind, and spirit. Sherri is a brave soul who works with other brave souls who wish to improve personally as well as professionally, who want to discover their inner path as well as a better business strategy. She is successful professionally, and she shares her secrets to help others be more successful professionally. Sherri continually changes the world one brave soul at a time. If you want to be more successful in every way, you definitely want to talk to Sherri.”

Family Business Speaker, Writer, and Coach at Family Business Educator

“Sherri Davison is one word for me and that word is trust. Through her compassion, empathy, and love, she allowed me to feel safe to express my thoughts feelings and emotions without judgment. Creating this environment allowed me to explore myself on a level I did not think was possible for me. My breakthroughs with Sherri have opened doors to improve my communication and connection with people. For that, I am eternally grateful!”

Business Woman, Aliso Viejo, California

“TRE is a series of simple exercises that triggers your body to tremor and shake off tension. TRE provided me with a way to let go of the stress and trauma experienced in my life. I love that it is a physical process and not a mental exercise.  Sherri has a terrific way of connecting and making a person feel at ease. She addressed all of my concerns and questions. Her compassionate and patient-centered approach to my TRE process makes for supportive and affirming TRE experiences and stress reduction.  Sherri cares deeply about people and brings a warm and relaxed atmosphere to the TRE experience. She is clearly very knowledgeable and teaches TRE successfully. I felt supported and safe with Sherri’s gentle guidance and left feeling grateful and grounded. I will definitely continue practicing TRE as a way to release and heal. Sherri’s willingness to provide additional guidance via telephone and email increased the effectiveness of this experience.”

Educator and Consultant, Portland, Oregon

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