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Brave Soul Coaching

Most people live busy lives full of activities,obligations and distractions. We often do not schedule the time or have the safe space required for self-reflection. Brave soul coaching allows you to speak your own truths, handle disruptive feelings in healthy ways and determine your next best steps to living a life full of meaning and purpose.

Brave Soul Retreats

Brave Soul Retreats are custom designed for individuals, couples or families to have a concentrated period of time to heal wounds, enhance communications and imagine new possibilities.   

How do you know if a brave soul retreat is right for you?  Schedule a complimentary session and let’s explore the possibilities!

Brave Soul Coaching and Retreats in Beautiful Bend, Oregon



A beautiful and safe space!

Available for individuals, couples or families


Bend Adventures

Customized Bend Adventures can be arranged


Great Room/Great Gatherings

Kitchen, fireplace and comfortable spaces for conversations and connectedness


Beautiful outdoor spaces

Fireplace, outdoor dining, hot tub, firepit, gardens


High Speed Internet


Luxury Master Suite

Sleeps 1-2


Asian Getaway

Sleeps 1-2

Brave Soul Retreat Space

How do you know if you are ready for a Brave Soul Retreat?

Schedule a complimentary session to explore if a Brave Soul Retreat is right for you.

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