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Frustrated with not reaching your sales targets?

Training & coaching programs to help you hit the target!


Attract The Best Possible Employees!

Attract better candidates by selling your opportunity.

Improve your interviewing process to identify the best fit.

Negotiate fairly to secure an offer.



Effectively Launch New Hires

New hires spend their first 90 days deciding if they made the right decision to join your company.  

Get your new hires launched more effectively and protect your hiring investment.


Coach effectively to increase clarity, commitment & accountability

Coaching employees properly is the fastest way to drive employee satisfaction & ensure consistent performance.


Power Boosted Sales Presentations

Enhance your sales presentations with enhanced neuro-marketing techniques that will help you stand out among your competitors.


Selling Through The Art of Asking Questions

Train and coach your sales teams to better identify clients needs and uncover what it will take to win their business.


Creating Organizational Health

Prioritizing health, vitality and resilience helps you to build a culture where the best employees are retained.


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“Sherri Davison has been a dynamic leader in the training and coaching arena for over 30 years. Her insight and compassion have helped others to learn, grow and self-actualize their goals and dreams. She is a skilled communicator and has worked successfully with diverse populations including, youth, people of color, employers and CEO’s. Sherri constantly updates her skill base through workshops, trainings and conferences in order to stay abreast of new developments in her fields. She is a stellar trainer and highly effective coach who has a consistent track record of producing measurable results for her clients.”

Educator, Portland, Oregon

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