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The Four Drivers to Customer Satisfaction

Customer service excellence takes a management commitment, a culture of care, and staff that are trained to under promise and over deliver. When everyone in a company knows the four critical factors to customer satisfaction and is trained to do simple things CONSISTENTLY, a culture of service excellence begins to take root! This training will help you get everyone on the same page.

The Magic of Empathy and Validation to Handle Difficult Customers

Left to their own natural human responses employees can easily become defensive with difficult customers.  This training guides your team members to use empathy and validation to better handle your most difficult or irate customers.   Unhappy customers, when handled properly, give you an opportunity to shine and protects future revenue streams.

Creating a Customer Focused Culture in a Crazy Social Media World

Poor customer service is rapidly increasing and is more visible than ever before.  Customers rant on-line and their dissatisfaction spreads like wildfire.  High performance companies align their organizations with the values that drive customer satisfaction, customer retention and employee satisfaction.  When companies train their employees properly to take good care of their customers they protect their customer and employee acquisition investments.  That’s a WIN/WIN! 

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