Key thoughts:

  • We are all connected to a relational universe, which means we all have equal ability to influence and shape experiences. We are co-creators.
  • Even though we are connected to “the all and the everything” we also have our own unique essence.
  • The silent pulse refers to the rhythm of our connected universe which we can all feel, especially with a conscious effort to embrace our connectedness and sense our energetic fields.
  • We are all equally able to influence what occurs
  • If we embrace our oneness our focus shifts from a desire to get “mine” to a sense of community, we can create systems that will support “the common good.”

There were many times while reading the book where I felt limited in my ability to comprehend the wisdom and the insights shared. And then I had a huge AH HA. This man had a huge impact on my life and some of the stories he tells about other people in the book I have studied with.  In other words, I have been studying the ideas he presents FOR A VERY LONG TIME.

Connection #1

Education and Ecstasy

While in college In 1973, I read his book Education and Ecstasy and climbed on his bandwagon. I was going to change and enlighten the world through innovative means…which meant I was not going to take the traditional route of public education. I was extremely motivated by the idea of liberating EVERYONE from limitations especially from social and political constrictions. I wrote my own major: the politics and sociology of educational change. I have been an “out of the box educator” ever sense.

I see my role as a TRE provider as an educator who empowers people to accept novel concepts that  promote healing in ways they do not even understand…and they will love the results!

Connection #2

Richard Strozzi Heckler – The Strozzi Institute

I probably selected this book because it mentioned Aikido. 8 years ago I studied at The Strozzi Institute, an innovative Aikido Dojo, in a special program for leadership development. While reading The Silent Pulse and listening to Leonard’s stories about what he went through with several peers while studying Aikido, I realized one of the characters he is referring to is Richard Strozzi Heckler, the man who created the program that positively impacted my life in some profound ways.

The personal insights I gained by studying at the Strozzi Institute which positively impacts my ability to be a highly effective TRE™ provider are:

  1. The importance of being grounded.
  2. Knowing that I can connect to a greater power when I am “being present”
  3. Embracing a “Do No Harm” philosophy which means I have to follow their body and do what is best for them.

Connection #3

Dr. Alfred North Whitehead:  Process Philosophy & Dr. John Cobb:  Process Theology

When George Leonard writes about quantum theory he references Whitehead. Dr. John Cobb took Whitehead’s philosophy and applied it to a theological model. During the past 10 years I have studied process theology and was mentored by process theologians.  It was his approach to describing a God that made sense to me that encouraged me to return to a  “Progressive Christian Church.” My study of Process Theology  has had a huge influence on my personal transformation over the past decade and helps me to be a highly effective TRE™ provider. I can establish trust and build rapport with people quickly. Sensing and following their body is easier when I remember it is not ‘Little ole me” but the big universal connectedness that empowers me. How I am relating to and being present with another human being is actually more important than WHAT we are doing. In other words: align the heart, open to wisdom, and get out of the way. One of my spiritual teacher said it best: Our goal is to practice the ministry of presence and trust that when we are present and loving, transformation will effortlessly occur.


Although there were many times while reading this book my “little me” said ‘I don’t get this’ the ah-ha I experienced was realizing there is obvious some part of me that understands and THRIVES on these ideas, and I have been swimming in these pools most of my life.